Social Emotional Supports


Elementary campuses will utilize the Quaver Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) to teach a universal social-emotional learning curriculum to students in PreK-5th grades. Teachers will deliver weekly lessons to students using this best-practice curriculum. The school counselors will integrate the topics and strategies into their class time lessons to strengthen the development of the students’ social-emotional skills. In addition, Quaver SEL includes a curriculum component for parents to practice the SEL lessons at home with their child.

All secondary campuses will utilize Apex Suite 360 in the 6th -12th grades. This evidence-based program will address the non-academic issues surrounding student success and wellness and aligns with the CASEL competencies. The lessons focus on critical topics faced by students every day and promote student engagement with their peers and teachers. This program aims to increase positive social behavior, decrease conduct issues, and improve academic performance.

Quaver SEL and Apex 360 are both aligned with the Collaborative for Academic and Social-Emotional (CASEL) competencies that include:

the ability to understand emotions, values, and personal goals.

the skills and attitudes that help regulate emotions and behaviors.

the ability to understand the backgrounds of different people and cultures and act with compassion and empathy toward others.

Relationship Skills:
the ability to establish and maintain healthy relationships and use communication skills to work collaboratively with others.

Responsible Decision Making:
the skills and attitudes necessary to make sound and healthy choices in daily living.