Insurance Contacts

Open Enrollment 

September 14 - November 20, 2020 
3 options to enroll: 

  1. Self-Enrollment Online
  2. Agent-Assisted Online 
  3. On-Site Enrollment
  • All changes to Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance and all voluntary insurance products will not be effective until: January 1, 2021
  • All employees seeking new insurance coverage for their spouse and or children on any insurance must provide social security numbers and the dates of birth during the open enrollment process in order to be covered.
  • Any NEW BISD employee that qualifies for the two BISD employee health rate must contact the BISD Employee Benefits Department to fill out application. Insurance benefits and plan year will now run in line from January through December.
  • All BISD Employees are required to complete Open Enrollment.

For questions or assistance, please call:
Salazar Insurance Group (956) 554-0028
Diana Morales (361) 878-1679 

Employee Benefits (956) 548-8061 

Employee Benefits website