Apple 1-1 For Second Grade

10 Easy Tips

Here are ten easy tips to help you have an orderly classroom.

1. Mute. If you do not need to have the volume on for any of your planned activities, it is best to
instruct the students to mute the volume at the beginning of the lesson. This will reduce the number of distractions throughout the lesson.

2. Thumbs Up. When the teacher calls thumbs up, all students should respond with a thumbs up if they agree. Example: The teachers asks the students to give her a thumbs up if they have finished their drawing. All students who have finished should give the teachers a thumbs up.

3. Happy Hands. Hands off the device and up in the air like jazz hands Example: The teacher calls out “happy hands.” Students gently place their iPad on the desk and raise their hands up in the air and wiggle their fingers until the teacher tells them to lower their hands.

4.Turn Over. Put the device to sleep by clicking the On/Off button. Make sure the screen turns to black. Turn the device face down on the desk. The teacher should tell the students that the black apple should be visible.

5. Screenshot. Hold your finger over the home button and click the on/off button to take a screenshot of whatever is visible on the desktop of the device. Go to Photos to find your screenshot. Example: Students finish their work and the teacher needs to review it later.

6. Spotlight search. Help students find apps faster. Search for an app by swiping left to right until you get to the search screen. Type in the name of the app in the spotlight window. The search result will display all apps with your search keyword. Select the appropriate app.

7. Placement of the iPad when not in use. iPads should sit at the center of the table closed and staked when not in use. (A foam iPad place holder can also be used and placed at the corner of the students desk.)

8. Sharing the iPad. The iPad should be placed between the two people who are sharing the device at all times. There will be times when students have to share the device. The teacher will need to address what sharing the iPad should look like prior to asking the students to share so they can anticipate the expected behavior.

9. Level of sound. When the volume on the iPad is on, a student should have it set to 8 bars, or the teacher can determine how many bars is appropriate. It is important to designate this at the beginning of the class.

10. Student Jobs. Assign each student a job as needed when using the iPads.

Example: Science project with the iPads
Student 1 - In charge of checking out the iPads, placing them in the proper place, and turning them back in
Student 2 - The scientist in the group
Student 3 - The videographer
Student 4 - The scribe (writes notes using an app or a piece of paper)