Operating Procedures

1. RTI/504

Brownsville ISD is following the Response to Intervention Model to address the needs of struggling students.  Click on the following link for more information:

Instructions for RTI of Pre-K through 2nd grade students for Speech & Language Evaluation.

2. Referral Procedures

Special Education Referral Process

Proceso de Referencia de Educación Especial

Special Education Child Centered Educational Process

Receipt for A guide to the ARD Process 

Procedural Safeguards (English)    

Procedural Safeguards (Spanish)   

A Guide to the ARD process (English)   

A Guide to the ARD process (Spanish) 

Timeline Decision Tree

3. ARD Procedures

Required members of the ARD committee

Dual Role ARD Membership

Procedures for ARD meetings

Procedures for ARD with Parents who are non-English speakers

Surrogate Parent

Policy for Audio or Video taping an ARD meeting

Decision Making Process in ARD meeting

ARD Agenda

Reaching Consensus at an ARD meeting

Addressing related and support services during an ARD meeting

Attendance at ARD meetings by parent advocates, attorneys, etc.

Addressing behavioral needs of special education students

Additional Suggestions (very difficult behavioral issues)

An image of success

Procedures for discipline removals to BAC:


Administrative guidelines for BAC

Procedures for sending students in special education to BAC

Staffing Checklist

BAC Packet Checklist for Placement

4. Responsibilities of the ARD Teacher

Responsibilities of the Special Education Lead Teacher

Yearly Responsibilities of the ARD Teacher

ARD meeting responsibilities of the Teacher

Appropriate use of the Brigance test

5. IEP and BIP

Individual Education Program

Behavior Intervention Plan 

6. Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

Madeline Hunter's seven elements of a good lesson design

Special Education grading policy

7. Services to Private School Students

Notification to Private Schools

8. Programming Guidelines

BISD Description of Special Education Services

Special Education related and support services

Criteria for placement of students with emotional and behavioral disorders in a BI classroom

Criteria for Consideration for Placement of Students in Lifeskills

Criteria for Consideration for Placement of a Student in a Structure for Life Unit

Criteria for Homebound Services

Homebound Eligibility Form

Homebound Release Form

Supplemental Duty Guidelines

9. Critical Elements

Uses for critical elements documents


Content Mastery Center

Resource Classroom

Behavior Intervention Class

Life Skills

Early Childhood Special Education

Structured for Life

Adapted Physical Education

Texas School for the Deaf

10. Transition

Transition Planning Questionnaire

Transition to High School/Graduation Plan

Continuum of Services Vocational/Career Preparation

CTE 700 Form

TEA Guidance

11. Extended School Year

ESY Federal and State Requirements

ESY Key Points

Regression Documentation

ESY Student Profile

12. Assistive Technology

AT to Meet K-12 Student Needs

Definition and legal requirements

Guidelines for the IEP team

Process and Procedures

AT Options for teachers

Evaluation referral form

Equipment tracking/training and utilization forms

13. Instructional and Related Services

APE - Eligibility Report

APE - Program Overview

APE - Physical Exercise Limitations - BISD Med

APE - Referral to APE

APE - Resource Manual

APE - Screening Form

APE - Critical Elements

Procedures for Qualifying for Auditory Impairment

Procedures for Qualifying for Visual Impairment

State of Texas Interagency Eye Examination Report

Procedure-Request for Physical Therapy Assessment (Initial or Special Request)

Teacher Insight Form (Physical Therapy)  

Procedure-Request for Occupational Therapy Assessment (Initial or Special Request)

Teacher Insight Form (Occupational Therapy)

Procedure for requesting Orientation and Mobility Services

Procedures - Request for Counseling Assessment 

Procedures- Request Behavior Specialist 

14. Psychological Evaluations

Procedures for Psychological Evaluations

Initial Referral Checklist

Re-Evaluation Checklist

Special Request Checklist

15. Working with Paraprofessionals

The Role of the Paraprofessional

Paraprofessional duties and responsibilities

Levels of Support - Decision-Making Steps for Requesting Additional Support/Resources W/Assessment Form

Tips for teachers who supervise paraprofessionals

Frequently asked questions

16. End of Year Clearance Form

Special Education Teacher Clearance Form

17. Miscellaneous Forms

Special Education Eligibility Folders

Student Roster

ARD Teacher list

Telephone log

Student conference form

Progress report sent/received list

3-week progress report

Student monitoring form

SSR ARD Checklist

Access to Special Education student records

Information for Procedural Safeguards

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