BISD Teacher Orientation for Student Learning Objectives

Appraisers can provide synchronous sessions combining the Goal Setting/Professional Development (GPSD)/T-TESS refresher session with update/refresher training for teachers on Student Learning Objectives OR provide teachers with the information and window to complete the refresher sessions through professional development modules.

Any teacher with at least one student will need to complete the T-TESS Goal Setting and Student Learning Objective documentation. This includes Special Education and other program settings teachers who are assigned one or more students to teach.

All of the materials needed to make the GPSD and T-TESS presentations to all faculty members can be found at the website including:

  • Training Agenda
  • Powerpoint presentation with presenter's notes
  • Any required handouts

Updated information from TEA and the district will be posted on the Human Resources websites.

Student Learning Objectives Are: 

  • Student growth goals
  • Set by teachers
  • Focused on a foundational student skill that is developed throughout the curriculum
  • Tailored to the context of individual students
  • Designed to help teachers better understand the impact of their pedagogy
  • For the purposes of refining instruction.
  • SLO Process Overview 

Modules and Videos

Modules and Videos

The Modules page has 2 modules that allow for self-paced review of the Student Learning Objectives process.  The first 2 steps are covered by a 33 minute video and Steps 3 & 4 are covered in a 49 minute video.  The videos are designed to be watched after participating in the full SLO training.

The Video page has the video of the overview of what SLOs are and samples of beginning and end of year conferences for SLOs for grades 5 and 9. 



The Texas Education Agency has provided a number of resources for appraisers to use to work with their teachers on the implementation of Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) as the 17th Dimension.  All teachers in BISD will be working with SLOs along with their Goal Setting and Professional Development this school year--even if they are currently waivered.

Teachers are to only select ONE class in ONE course for their SLO.

​Elementary teachers should NOT create a SLO for each content area and secondary teachers should select one class for one of the courses they teach.  These are designed to be the group the teacher will use to monitor the progress of students for their SLO through out the school year.