School Improvement

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The Texas Education Agency (TEA) requires a District Leadership Team to address areas supported by academic support programs that have overall performance levels greater than zero. BISD's CTE and Special Education programs are at overall Performance levels of 1. ESSA (Title programs and other areas) and Bilingual programs are at overall performance level zero. 

BISD has 5 campuses currently identified for Texas state accountability interventions as "Domain D" for their performance under the Closing the Gaps domain. There are 12 campuses identified for TEA Federal Accountability with 11 campuses identified as "Targeted Support" and 1 campus as "Additional Targeted Support, Year 2". These campuses are required to use the new TEA Effective Schools Framework (ESF) to create continuous improvement plans.
​Resources and plans can be found at this location for ESF and Campus Improvement Planning.


Dr. Roni Rentfro, Director of the School Improvement 
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