Retention Schedule

Retention Codes:
All numbers used with retention periods are expressed in years unless otherwise indicated.
  • AC – After Closed (or terminated, completed, expired, or settled): The record is related to a function or activity with a finite closure date.
  • AV –  As Long as Administratively Valuable: The immediate purpose for which the record was created has been fulfilled and any subsequent need for the record to conduct the operations of the agency, if any, has been satisfied.
  • CE – Calendar Year End: December 31.
  • FE – Fiscal Year End: June 30.
  • LA – Life of Asset: The record is retained until the deposit of the asset.
  • PM – Permanent: A record that possesses enduring legal, fiscal, or administrative value and must be preserved permanently by the agency.
  • US – Until Superseded: The record is replaced by an updated version. If a record subject to this retention period is discontinued or is no longer required by law, the date of supersession is the date the decision to discontinue the record is made or the law takes effect. If the record relates to an employee, the date of supersession is the date of termination or the last date the record is needed with reference to the employee, as applicable.