The Business and Bidding Process

  1. If you are interested in doing business with BISD, create an account on our electronic sourcing system and be sure to check any and all commodities that your company can provide. This information will be used to identify vendors that the District will notify of pending bid solicitations.
  2. Bid invitations are sent to vendors based on the selected commodity from the vendor application. 
  3. Make sure that you fill out the bid completely and thoroughly and that you submit your bid on or before the due date and time. Late bids will not be accepted.
  4. Contract award information will be available after approval by the Board of Trustees on our website and on IONWAVE.
  5. In the event that your company is awarded a contract with the District, and you have not done business with the District before, you will be required to submit a Form W-9. Additionally, vendors who enter or seek to enter into a contract with the District are required to submit a CIQ form regarding conflicts of interest.
  6. Once the Board of Trustees approves the bids, the awarded vendors will be used to purchase the goods and services on that bid for the duration of the bid (typically one year). Some bids have the option to extend for an additional year or more. 
  7. In successive years, you will remain on the Vendor List and be notified by email of the latest bids as long as you acknowledge receipt of the bids by returning them to the Purchasing Department (whether you bid on the contracts or not). If you do not wish to participate in a bid that you receive, clearly write "NO BID" on the cover page of the bid documents and return it to the Purchasing Department.