TCP Web Clock

WebClock for Managers/Administrator

TimeClock Plus Link for Managers/Administrators: 

Must use Google Chrome.

Link: TimeClock Plus for Managers/Administrators

This is an internal site only. This will not work outside the BISD network.

  • They continue to use their current accounts. ​

TimeClock Plus Training Package for Managers/Administrators

Approving/Denying Time-Off Request


TimeClock Plus Link for District Employees to clock in and clock out:
Must use Google Chrome.
  • This is for district employees to view their times and utilize the clock to clock in and clock out. Employees will have to use their user name and password. It will be the same login and password you use for your BISD computer.
  • For example: Your email is
    ​External ID: jsmith
    Password: the same password to login to your BISD Computer.

Instructions on requesting an absence using TimeClock Plus:Requesting Time Off (Video)

Requesting Time Off (PDF)

- TimeClock Plus Missing Punch Form


MobileClock Instructions

***** Internal internet address for the TimeClock program - will not work outside the BISD network *****