The Bi-Weekly, Monthly Hourly, and Supplemental Duty timesheets can be saved and printed from the links below. The Weekly Computerized Time Calculation can be used to total up the week. The hours and minutes will round off to the nearest quarter hour automatically (use Conversion Chart to Rounded hours). Please call the department if you have any questions at 548-8391.  NOTE: The web page CANNOT be worked off of, the file must first be saved to the hard drive.

In-District (BISD) Forms:

Cancellation Form

Cancellation Form for Professional Organization fees (United Way, Texas Tomorrow Fund, Pre-Paid Legal, and Project Share. All other Insurances and optional products must be canceled at the Employee Benefits/Risk Management Department). Cancellation forms are due the 1st Wednesday of every month. 

-Cancellation Form

Direct Deposit Forms

Direct Deposit Forms - Direct Deposit Forms are due at least 10 working days prior to payday. 

-Direct Deposit Form

Extra Duty

Extra Duty & Summer School Composite Form
Extra Duty & Games Composite Form

Professional Development

Time Sheet
Fillable & Electronic Signature Sign-In Time Sheet

Fillable & Electronic Signature Sign-In & Sign Out for Payroll Purposes

TimeClock Request Forms

Summer TimeClock Plus Manager Request
TimeClock Plus Add/Remove Assigned Employee Form
TimeClock Plus Employee Profile Essentials
TimeClock Plus Manager Request Form
TimeClock Plus Missing Punch Form

***** Internal internet address for the TimeClock program - will not work outside the BISD network ******
Login for Timekeepers

Login for Employees 

Request for Payment of Local Sick Leave Days for Retirees

Local Sick Leave Days - Request must be submitted no later than 60 days after the employee's termination date.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Forms 

The forms linked below may be typed on and printed to submit. The IRS Forms are due to Payroll the 1st Wednesday of every month. 

Federal Income Tax Withholding Methods
FORM 8233
Statement for Nonresident Aliens