It is the goal of the Print and Graphics Services to provide the best service while meeting the deadlines stipulated in each job order.  Therefore, please adhere to the following:
All printing and/or graphics requests will originate from the office of the school principal or designated administrator.  Printing and/or graphics requests originated by band directors, drill team sponsors, choir directors, or sponsors of any school group will have to be approved by the school principal.
Special programs or grants projects requesting printing/graphics services will need the approval of the program administrator or designated individual.
A minimum 10-business day notice will be required for all job orders with each request being treated on a first-come-first served basis.  The minimum 10-business day limit will be strictly adhered to at all times.  Emergency requests will be considered based on their individual merits.
Principals, central office administrators, and program administrators should assign an individual to coordinate all printing and/or graphics requests for each school and/or department so that the printing and/or graphics may be done in a timely and efficient manner.
Except for athletics programs (i.e., football programs) and/or school yearbooks, only ad-free materials will be printed by the BISD Print & Graphics Services.
All requests for printing and/or graphics will be accompanied by a purchase order or school check.
Proofreading is the responsibility of the originator of the printing and/or graphics request.  The Print & Graphics Services will provide a draft of the printing materials upon request for proofreading and/or revisions.
The Graphic Services is limited to the type of projects it can produce in regards to logos, layouts, and color projects.  The staff will do everything possible to assist schools and departments with the most pleasing and attractive materials.
The Print and Graphic Services will handle only originals requiring 50 copies or more.  All requests for copies must be accompanied by the copyright.
The Printing Process
When an order is received, an order form is filled out indicating the color of paper needed and all other pertinent information.
The order is entered into the department’s database, priced, and assigned a job work order.  The work order helps track the order as it goes through the print shop and back to the campus or department.
Once priced, the order is placed in the production schedule.  The print shop operator checks the order form to determine the kind of paper required, the number of copies needed and if the order is to be printed one sided, two sided, or both.
The original is scanned into the print shop computer and the printing begins.  Once the printing is complete, the scanned copy is deleted from the computer.
After the printing is complete, it goes to the bindery area where the sheets are folded, drilled, cut, numbered, glued, or spiral bound depending on the service requested.  The print shop copiers can produce booklets in finished form in 8 ½” x 11” paper stock, tape bound or in 11 x 17 paper stock, stapled and folded.
Once finished, the job is wrapped or boxed and sent through the district’s mail delivery vans.
Basic Originals
An original is the copy that is sent with the print order.  This copy is scanned into the Print Services’ computer to make the copies requested.  When originals are properly prepared, the finished copies are much higher in quality than copies made from a poor original.  When preparing originals for use in the print shop, please consider the following:
Leave a 3/8” blank border at the top of the document, and 1/8” along the other three sides.  This will ensure that none of the information gets cut off by the limitations of the print shop copiers.
The best original is a black ink or toner original, even if the final copies are to be printed with colored inks.  Light blue and yellow will not pick up on the print shop copiers.  Set the ink jet printer to print black only when copies will be sent to the print shop.  If a color laser printer is used, the same rule applies.
For best results, we recommend to provide the original in PDF file via email or in a USB flash drive.
Choose white paper for the originals.  Darker colors often pick up a background image when reproduced.
Make sure that any photographs used are print ready.
Number the pages.  The district’s print shop is not responsible for any pages which are printed or collated out of order if the pages are not numbered.
Do not submit originals that are pieced together with tape, paste, or glue stick.  If the cut and paste technique is used, please make a photocopy and send that as the original.
Trim off any solid black areas on the originals.  These are commonly caused by making photocopies of pages smaller than 8 ½ x 11”.  Print Services can not work with originals that are smaller than 8 ½ by 11”.
The Print Services uses three different sizes of paper: 8 ½” x 11”, 8 ½” x 14”, and 11” by 17”.  Please make sure that the originals are done so that they fit on one of these sizes.
Make a copy of the originals if all you have is hard copy originals.  That way, if something happens to the originals (i.e., the order gets lost in delivery) there will be a back up copy to work with.
Make sure to include permission to reproduce copyright materials with the order to avoid production delays.  It is illegal to reproduce copyright materials, whether done by the print shop staff or by yourself on a photocopier.
A quote/estimate will be provided upon request for purchase order processing.  Printing jobs will not start without an approved purchase order or school check.
Quotes/estimates will be valid only if ALL DETAILS required of the job match what was considered and written at the time of calculation.
Once a form, worksheet, test or other original has been created at the school or department, a hard copy needs to be printed and sent via in-district mail or delivered to the Library/Media Services.
Check to see how the district’s equipment will do with the original copy by making a photocopy.  If you like what you see on the photocopy, or can live with that quality, you will have a good approximation on what the Print Services’ equipment will reproduce.
The Print Shop Order Form (see appendix)
The order form has to be filled out completely when submitting a printing and/or graphics request.  Please fill out the following:
Today’s Date:  Please put the date the order is sent to the print shop.
Due Date:  Do not put “ASAP” in the due date part of the form.  Please use a real date.
Contact/Location/Title of Publication:  Please identify the person requesting the printing, the location, and the name of the order in case there are multiple orders from a school or department.
Phone Number:  To contact the person requesting the printing if we have any questions about the order. 
Number of Originals:  Please count the number of originals being sent.  A two sided original is counted as two originals.  A one sided original is counted as one original. 
Number of copies:  This is the total number of finished copies needed.  If there are ten originals, and fifty finished copies are needed, put “50” in this box.  If there are two identical slips on one sheet and 500 are needed after they are cut (meaning that we will print 250 sheets and then cut them in two) put “500” in this box.  Any questions or confusion on this, please make a note in the comments section.
Purchase Order #:  A purchase order number must be issued in order for printing to be done.  School checks will be accepted.
Comments:   Please make notes as necessary to help with the printing order.  Comments such as “covers on card stock” or “500 after cut” would go in this section.
Paper/Final Copy, etc:  Please check the appropriate boxes pertaining to your needs.  Use the “Comments” box for further clarification as necessary.
Copyright Restrictions/Approved By:  A signature is necessary in the “approved by” box.  By signing here, the person requesting the printing and/or graphics takes full responsibility for any copyright violations, and releases the Print & Graphics Services staff from any problems that may arise in the event that the order is a violation of copyright law.  Please see the copyright page for more information on copyright laws pertaining to reproduction of printed materials.  An order cannot be printed which is copyrighted unless proof is provided that the publisher has given you permission to reproduce their property.