Educational Diagnosticians


Educational Diagnosticians

A rigorous and well-rounded education places students firmly on the path to success. For some children, learning new things and succeeding in their classes is a smooth process. For others, additional or specialized instruction is necessary for maximum success. When this happens, educational diagnosticians play a vital role.

Through specialized training, educational diagnosticians use academic testing to isolate factors that could enhance students' performance in materials, these professionals help provide our next generation of leaders with the knowledge and skills fundamental for lifelong excellence.


Lead Diagnosticians

Cordova, Sergio

Barbosa, Lilia


Agado, Daniela

​Anzaldua, Melissa

Armenta, David

Arteaga, Cynthia A.

Atkinson, Norma L.

​Aune, Katharine

Avalos, Alfredo

Battles, Kimberley

Bernal, Gladys

Betz, Deborah

Cadriel, Yolanda

Cantu, Christine Y.

Dr. Cardenas, Ligia

Castillo, Edith

Castro, Melissa

Edwards, Severa

Elizondo, Beatrice

Escamilla, Michelle

Frapart, Phyllis G.




Gomez, Norma

Gonzalez, Maria A.

Herrera, Ana L.

Khouane, Mariana

Lazorko, Michele E.

Manautou, Lesley

Martinez, Liza

Martinez, Sofia

​Monetlongo, Yolanda

Perez, Norma L.

Ramos, Janie

Rivera, Carol

​Rubiom Marti

Salazar-Juarez, Elizabeth

Salazar, Juana

Sepulveda, Myrna

Sikes, Laura