Special Education Counseling

Special education counseling is defined as a related service that is required to assist a child with a disability to benefit from special education and is provided by a licensed/certified mental health professional.  Counseling is available for special education students who are unsuccessful due to an emotional component impacting school performance or for students who qualify on the autism spectrum with severe social skills deficits that impair school performance.  Students eligible for services must display significant emotional or social deficits.

Counseling is an intervention that supports the student in achieving his or her individual goals. The special education counselor will work from a counseling IEP that is separate from a behavior intervention plan. Counseling services will be delivered as recommended and then faded as appropriate for students.


The Special Education counseling professional works as part of a multi-disciplinarian team to meet the individual needs of the students we serve.  We collaborate, cooperate and communicate with other professionals, organizations and parents with integrity and respect. We value those we serve by maintaining confidentiality and by protecting the rights of all individuals. We maintain a high standard of competence by continuing professional growth through ongoing education and professional development. We hold paramount the welfare and needs of our students by following strict ethical standards.

What is Special Education Counseling?

  • Related service

  • Must be determined through an evaluation and through an ARD

  • Requires parent consent


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