Critical Elements




  • Staff Training - Commitment is made to provide training in implementation of the critical elements of the staff member’s position.

  • Communication of Expectations for New Staff – This is a way to explain to Staff, new in a particular position, what the expectations for that position are and also to explain how the district defines a particular instructional arrangement.

  • Communication with Campus Administration – The documents are used to explain to principals the district program for a particular instructional arrangement.

  • Ongoing Staff Development - Documents are used by special education support staff as they work with teachers on program improvement. The document serves as an observation tool and a way to structure a conversation about needs improvement.

  • Communication with Parents - Documents are used at ARD meetings to explain to parents how a particular program operates and what they might expect for their child from a particular instructional arrangement.

  • Teacher Self-Evaluation - Document could be used by teachers as a self-check to determine if they are implementing a district program as intended.