School Improvement

The Effective Schools Framework

At the core of effective schools is effective instruction: interactions between students, teachers, and content determine learning outcomes. This instructional core is strengthened and supported by effective, well-supported teachers, high-quality curriculum, and positive school culture. Strong school leadership and careful planning encompass and ensure each of these levers.

The Effective Schools Framework consists of a set of district commitments and, for schools, essential actions. District Commitments describe what local education agencies do to ensure that schools are set up for success. The Essential Actions describe what the most effective schools do to support powerful teaching and learning.

Campus Improvement Planning 

Campuses must address areas for improvement in their Campus Improvement Plan (CIP) as well as including district initiatives and required activities for funds received from state and federal sources.
Reach the Plan4Learning website to access your plan.


Targeted Improvement Planning for Schools in Improvement

Campuses must address areas for improvement in their Targeted Improvement Plan (TIP) if they have been identified for Texas State or federal accountability. Schools in improvement based on 2019 accountability and links to their approved TIPs can be found on this page.


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