Who is authorized to access student records?
Only Records Clerks have authority to access student records. 

Can a Records Clerk work outside an area where the records are stored?
No. Records Clerks shall work in same area records are stored.

Where and how should student records be stored?
Student records should be stored in an air conditioned environment and always locked.

Can records be taken out of the records office?
Records are always to be viewed in the records office and should never be taken out.

How important are student pictures as part of the student record?
Pictures play a critical role in identifying the student.

Who is responsible for amending or correcting student records?
Records Clerks are not allowed to work on local credits, calculate GPA’s or ranks. The counselor is responsible.

What proof is required to change a student name on a transcript?
Proper legal documentation must be filed with the State and a copy kept in file. 

Is a marriage license proof of name change?
No. Should not be accepted.

Are Bilingual/Special Programs folders required to be kept in transcript records?
No. They may be stored separately.

What students are eligible for a transcript?
A transcript must be created for all students, including Special Education students.

How are student records transferred to the high school?
Student records must be requested at least three (3) days in advance. 

When are student records transferred to the high school?
All student records must be transferred before leaving for the summer.

What must be included in transferring a PRC folder to another campus?
A routing slip must be completely filled and attached to the PRC folder.


What if original documents are sent from another school district?
Make a good set of copies and SEND originals back.

RECORDS REQUESTS (i.e., employment, universities, government entities)

How are records requested by government entities for employment, identification, or other purposes provided?
All student records must be stamped to be official and must be in a sealed envelope. 

Are original documents required to be sent to other school districts?
No. Only send copies. Copies can also be faxed if requested.