BISD Required PD 21.22

Required Professional Development 21 - 22
Welcome Back to the 2021 - 2022 school year. Below find the required course models that must be completed by designated dates. These modules will go live on June 1, 2021.   

  • Click on the specific module 
  • View and answer all questions
  • Once the test is submitted, make sure you collect the information on the submission disclaimer. This information will contain the PDS Workshop# and Remote Check-In Code. 
  • Log into PDS  - Register and remote check. Your information will appear on your transcript. 
  • Out of District training certificates must be uploaded to your BISD Professional Development account to earn credit.  

  • Deadline to complete all modules will be September 17, 2021.

Administrator Pathway

Area Administrators, Campus Administrators, Directors, Specialist 

Certified Pathway


Teachers, Librarians, Nurses, Diags, etc. 

Instructional Para Pathway

Instructional Aides (BI, SFL, VI, TTT, etc.)