Future Fine Arts Professionals

In May of 2019, the Department of Fine Arts established signing ceremonies to celebrate seniors who have worked diligently in their respective fine arts areas and are committed to pursuing a degree in fine arts. In these signing ceremonies, students were given an opportunity to sign a legacy poster stating their college/university and their intended degree in front of teachers, friends, and family. Because we seek to honor and support these students and their endeavors until they graduate from college, their signed posters are displayed in the Fine Arts office until they receive their college diploma. After that time, these students will be featured amongst our BISD Fine Arts Alumni.

The students featured below are still on track to pursue a degree in fine arts. Some of them may have changed schools or their major in the arts. (With school closings due to Covid-19 in March, we are still working on posters for the Class of 2020.)

Class of 2019