Gifted and Talented Testing

The GALAXY (G/T) Program

The GALAXY (GT) Program provides services in the following areas as outlined in the state plan:
student assessment, service design, curriculum and instruction, professional learning, and family-community involvement. Each campus has a G/T program and serves its identified
students in a way that best meets their needs.

Academic Assessment:  Students may be nominated for the GALAXY Program at any time; however, screening occurs once a year. Data collected through both objective and subjective assessments shall be used to determine individual eligibility of students nominated in academics, grades 1-11. All kindergarten students are automatically assessed.

•Renzulli-Hartman Teacher checklist, K-12
•Achievement Tests, 1-12
•The Raven Progressive Matrices Test, K-12
•Parent checklist, K-12
•Torrance Tests of Creativity


Fine Arts Assessment:  Nominated students for identification in music, art, theatre arts, and dance are provided services if three of the following criteria are in the qualifying range:

• Portfolio
• Teacher Checklist
• Art-Drawing Test
• Music-Audiation Test
• Theatre Arts & Dance - Auditions

In order for a student to be nominated for GT in a fine arts area, the campus must be able to service an identified student by having a qualified GT Fine Arts instructor.