Career & Technical Education

Advisory Board Flyer

It takes a village and we need you!
Brownsville ISD and the Career and Technical Education department take pride in developing and growing relationships with the business and industry partners in our community.
It is only when we take the time to converse and listen to one another that we can truly prepare the future workforce for our city, state and nation.
If you are interested in shaping the future, please join us or call for more information.
Remember, our nation’s most precious resource is our students!


CREDIT: The video was filmed by Vanessa Aguilar and edited by Edgar Valles.

Brownsville CTE prepares students for career pathways in the global marketplace by offering experiential learning, post-secondary credits and industry certifications. Students will gain technical and high-level academic skills, leading them to be lifelong learners.

Brownsville Independent School District's (BISD) Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program prepares learners with varied backgrounds and experiences for meaningful employment and lifelong learning from high school and beyond. BISD CTE program provides an authentic learning climate to assure student competitiveness in the job market, economic vitality in our communities, and experiences that are true to life. ​


Dr. Juan Chavez Jr., Director of Career & Technical Education Department
Address | 1905 E. 6th Street, Brownsville, Texas 78521
Phone | (956) 548-8217