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New Teacher In-service Presentation

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ARD Meeting DOs and Don'ts

BIP Template

Brigance Training PowerPoint

Confidentiality Training for Special Education


ESY Forms

ESY Federal and State Requirements

ESY Key Points

Regression Documentation

ESY Student Profile

FACES-Monthly Topical Guide Index

Grading and Progress Monitoring for Students with Disabilities

Grading and Progress Monitoring for Students with Disabilities (Handout)

IEP Development TEA  


PLAAFP Teacher Tool Blank

PLAAFP Teacher Tool Sample

PLAAFPs and Standard Based IEPs

PLAAFPs and Standard Based IEPs (Region 20 Online Training Modules)

PLAAFPs and SBIEP Samples (from Region 20 Online Training Modules)

PLAAFP Samples from TCASE

Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS)

Prior Written Notice- Form

Prior Written Notice- Legal Guidance

Prior Written Notice- Procedures

Prior Written Notice - Q&A

SBIEP Development - Q&A

Senate Bill 1196

SHARS Personal Care Services PowerPoint

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SSI Manual

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STAAR Resources

STAAR-Alternate 2 Resources


STAAR-Alternate 2 Participation Requirements forms are found in English and Spanish


TEKS - Link to TEA webpage

Texas Behavior Support Initiative (TBSI)

Writing Measureable Post-Secondary Goals



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