Work Orders

Work Order Team Works Procedure

New Employee Access

  • Determined by Principal or Department Administrator
  • (Limited to Principal, Assistant Principal, Secretary, Department Administrator)
  • Contact Maintenance Department (Cynthia Sanchez – Data Management) at 956-698-0574 or 956-548-8081
  • Will obtain access to assigned location in order to be able to enter and view status of work order request(s)

Submitting New Work Order Request(s)

  • Open Internet Browser
  • Go to BISD Website
  • Click on QUICKLINKS tab on BISD Homepage
  • Click on Maintenance Work Orders Link
  • Enter Log-In (user name/password – same as your computer log-in)
  • Click on Requests (located on left side of screen)
  • Screen will show Remote Request User Dashboard
  • Click on Add New Work Order Request
  • Fill in all required fields on WO Request Form
  • Click on Submit
  • Finally Work Order # will be issued/created

How to Create a Work Order

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I always need to go thru BISD Website?

  • Alternatively you can create a “shortcut” on your desktop
  • Go to BISD Website
  • Click on Directory
  • Click on Department (Facilities/Maintenance)
  • Click on Work Orders Link
  • Access the BISD Maintenance Team Works site thru the QUICKLINKS tab on BISD Homepage
  • Click on Maintenance Work Orders Link

How do I follow-up on status of a work order?

  • Log in to Team Works
  • Click on Work Order Search (on left side of screen)
  • Click on Work Order Search box
  • Enter Work Order # in Work Order ID box
  • Click on Submit to search for work order and view Status and/or Resolution

How do I process an Emergency work order request(s)?

  • Call Maintenance Department Dispatch (main #) 548-8081 with your work order # for  immediate assistance

How are work order requests approved and by whom?

  • Reviewed by Maintenance Department and assigned a priority/status according to urgency
  • Assigned to Supervisor according to Trade
  • Issued to Foreman according to Trade
  • Assigned to Maintenance worker to address issue/request