Brownsville ISD Accident Prevention Plan


Corpus Zorola, CTSBS, CTPM
Supervisor for Environmental, Health, Safety, and Custodial Training  
Maintenance Department
Phone: 956-698-1374
Fax: 956-554-2909


The District has developed and promotes a comprehensive program to ensure the safety of its employees, students, and visitors. The safety program includes guidelines and procedures for responding to emergencies and activities to help reduce the frequency of accidents and injuries. To prevent or minimize injuries to employees, coworkers, and students and to protect and conserve District equipment, employees must comply with the following requirements:

• Observe ALL safety rules
• Keep work areas clean and orderly at all times
• Immediately report all accidents to their supervisor
• Operate only equipment or machines for which they have training and authorization

Questions or Concerns May be Reported to:
• Your immediate Supervisor
• District's Safety Supervisor @ 548-8081
• Employee Benefits/Risk Management Department @ 548-8061