Brownsville Independent School District's
High Schools


Program Description:  BISD's association with the University Interscholastic League (U.I.L.) provides the framework in the districts Swimming and Diving  programs so that B.I.S.D. Aquatics can  develop into one of the premier competitive aquatic programs in the state. The Aquatic Centers total aquatic approach includes: University Interscholastic League for High School students in Swimming and Diving.  The total  program approach will service swimmers and divers to be proficient in aquatic safety, fitness, and refinement in aquatic technique. Whether you are simply looking for improved skills or if you want to be one of the top competitors in the nation, Brownsville ISD's Aquatic Center offers the competitive environment through its facilities and the U.I.L. aquatic programs


Hanna Head Coach - Sam Perez


Lopez Head Coach - Ray Martinez


Pace Head Coach - Larissa Macias


Porter Head Coach - Karina Galvan


Rivera Head Coach - Ryan Shea


Veterans Head Coach - Frank Sanchez







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Meet Information/ Schedule

​Dual Meet: Pace/Los Fresnos/Lopez  
​Dual Meet:Pace/Weslaco East/Lopez
​Dual Meet: Veterans/Pace/Lopez  
​​Dual Meet: Harlingen/South/Rivera
Dual Meet: PSJA SW, Porter
​​Dual Meet:Veterans/Memorial/Rivera​
​​Dual Meet: Porter/Pace/Lopez
Dual Meet: Veterans/Hanna/Rivera
Dual Meet: Porter/Pace/Rivera​
Dual Meet: Rivera/Veterans/Lopez
Dual Meet: Porter/Pace/Lopez​
Dual Meet: Los Fresnos, Hanna, Porter 

Halloween Hysteria 

                                October 22 - 5:00PM
​                                October  29 - 5:00PM
                                November 5 - 5:00PM
                                November 7 - 10:00AM
                                November 12 - 5:00PM
                                November 14 - 10:00AM 
                                ​December 3 - 5:00PM
                                December 5 - 10:00AM
​                                December 12 - 10:00AM
                                January  7 - 5:00PM
                                January 14 - 5:00PM
​                                January 16 - 10:00AM

                               October 23 (Meet Info)

Fall Festival 

                                                                              November 6  (Meet Info)

Pre Regional Snowcase

                                                          December 11 (Meet Info) (Psych Sheet)

City Championship 

                                                                (Meet Info) (Psych Sheet)

District 32 5-A                        

                                                   January 21-22 (Meet Info) (Psych Sheet)

District 32 6-A

                                                                           January 29-30  (Meet Info) (Psych Sheet)

Region VIII 6-A                                        

                                              February 5-6 (Meet Info​) (Psych Sheet) (Warm-Up Lane Assignment)
(Finals Psych Sheet)

Meet Results 

​Dual Meet: Pace/Los Fresnos/Lopez   (MEET RESULTS)
​Dual Meet:Pace/Weslaco East/Lopez  (MEET RESULTS)
​Dual Meet: Veterans/Pace/Lopez        (MEET RESULTS)
​​Dual Meet: Harlingen/South/Rivera    (MEET RESULTS
Dual Meet: PSJA SW, Porter                   (MEET RESULTS)
​​Dual Meet:Veterans/Memorial/Rivera​ (MEET RESULTS)
​​Dual Meet: Porter/Pace/Lopez             (MEET RESULTS)
Dual Meet: Veterans/Hanna/Rivera    (MEET RESULTS
Dual Meet: Hanna/SJA                           (MEET RESULTS)   
Dual Meet: Porter/SJA/Rivera​               (MEET RESULTS)
Dual Meet: Rivera/Veterans/Lopez      (MEET RESULTS
Dual Meet: Porter/Pace/Lopez​             (MEET RESULTS)
Dual Meet: Los Fresnos, Hanna, Veterans    (MEET RESULTS)  
Dual Meet: Porter, SJA , PSJA SW            (MEET RESULTS)


Halloween Hysteria Diving                                                 (MEET RESULTS)
Fall Festival Diving                                                                (MEET RESULTS)
Pre Regional Snowcase Diving                                           (MEET RESULTS)
District 32 5-A                                                                         (MEET RESULTS)                        
District 32 6-A                                                                         (MEET RESULTS)                        
Region VIII 6-A                                                                        (MEET RESULTS)