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Brownsville Independent School District Announces Superintendent Search and Community Engagement Initiatives

Brownsville, TX – December 20, 2023 – The Board of Trustees of Brownsville Independent School District (Brownsville ISD) proudly announces the commencement of the search for a new Superintendent. As a district committed to excellence and community involvement, we believe in a thorough and transparent process to find the ideal candidate who embodies our values and vision.

The position is officially open, and applications are being accepted through February 9, 2024. Interested candidates are requested to apply via the search firm's website at

In our commitment to making this process inclusive and community-driven, Brownsville ISD has outlined a series of community outreach initiatives to gather valuable stakeholder input. This comprehensive approach ensures that the voices of our community are heard and considered in the selection of our next Superintendent.

  • Community and Employee Surveys: Launching in January, these surveys will enable us to capture a wide range of feedback from our diverse community and dedicated staff.
  • Community Town-Hall Meetings: This open forum will allow direct engagement with the public, facilitating an open dialogue about the future leadership of our District, in English and Spanish.
  • Student Round Table Discussions: Recently conducted, these discussions have been a resounding success, offering insightful perspectives from our student body.
  • Elected Officials Roundtable: Scheduled to bring together local leaders, this roundtable aims to incorporate a broader view into our decision-making process.
  • Faith Leaders Lunch: Engaging with faith-based community leaders, this event will ensure their valuable insights are included in our discussions.
  • Business Leaders Roundtable: A platform to integrate the views and expectations of the local business community into our search criteria.
  • Educator/Teacher Unions Roundtable: An essential dialogue with teacher unions, focusing on understanding the needs and priorities of our educators.

This multi-faceted approach reflects our commitment to inclusive decision-making and our belief in the power of collective wisdom. The insights gathered from these outreach efforts will be instrumental in guiding the Board's decision-making process.

Brownsville ISD remains dedicated to fostering an environment of growth, innovation, and excellence. The selection of a new Superintendent is a step towards furthering our mission to provide the best educational experience for our students and a testament to our commitment to the community.

For more information and updates on the Superintendent search and community engagement initiatives, please visit the Brownsville ISD website:

For additional information about applying for the position, please contact the assigned search firm at (956) 318-0555 or via email at or visit their website at


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