Parent Resources

​Brownsville Independent School District - Adult Continuing Education - 956.548.8175
Learn English as a second language or achieve Adult Basic Education (GED) to communicate effectively with others, become independent, and be current with trends in employment and higher education.

Brownsville Independent School District - Early Education
In B.I.S.D. we believe in promoting children's education since the time they turn 3 years old. Along with Ninos, Inc. Headstart, our early education program works with children to develop positive self-esteem, social competency, essential skills, and a love of learning.

Brownsville Independent School District - Extended Day Enrichment Program
The program is designed to assist parents with quality enrichment programs for students in grades pre-kinder through 5th from 7:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. The program provides academic intervention, tutoring, homework assistance, recreation, art, music, and academic activities depending on the individual campuses.

Brownsville Independent School District - Guidance & Counseling Department - 548.8251
The Brownsville Independent School District's Guidance & Counseling Department provides the necessary services to assist your child in making sound personal/social, educational and career decisions.​                         ​

​Brownsville Independent School District - Health Services - 956.548.8191
Brownsville Independent School District's Health Services Department is there to assist you in learning and resolving health concerns for your child.            

Brownsville Independent School District - Migrant Education Department - 956.548.7919 (1.800.441.3382)
The district's Migrant Education Department addresses the special educational needs of migratory children in a coordinated, integrated, and efficient way through high-quality and comprehensive programs in order to overcome barriers in education caused by interrupted schooling. Their purpose is to ensure that migrant students reach challenging academic standards and graduate while prioritizing academic needs.

​Brownsville Independent School District - Parent and Family Engagement Department - 956.544.8137
The Brownsville Independent School District's Parental Involvement Department provides skills and tools necessary for parents to motivate their children in obtaining academic success and become productive.

Brownsville Independent School District - Parent Portal
Keep track of your child's grades, attendance and academic progress.

Brownsville Independent School District - Pupil Services Department - 956.544.3966
The Department of Pupil Services is committed to facilitating student admission into the district, ensuring the academic success of each child through increased student attendance and guaranteeing all students due process. 

Families and Students - If you are living in a motel, shelter, car, on the street, or sharing housing with friends or family due to loss of housing/economic hardship, you may be McKinney-Vento eligible. If one of these happens to be your situation, please let the staff at the school or at the centralized admissions office know.

​Brownsville Independent School District - Special Services Department - 956.548.8400
The Brownsville Independent School District's Special Services Department and staff work collaboratively with family, campuses, and community to provide support and services for students with exceptional needs to ensure equitable access to general education.