Administration Building

The Brownsville Independent School District Grants Department is responsible for providing the district with the opportunity to participate in grant programs through federal, state, local and private sources. Our department’s duties include:

  • Identifying funding sources and opportunities:
  • Developing grants through custom-design technical assistance
  • Facilitating design team meetings
  •  Monitoring grant projects and assisting projects managers
  • Assist with grant managing and compliance for federal, state and other funding
  • Distributing updates to Cabinet members keeping them informed of recently awarded programs under development, and upcoming development community partnerships
  • Training and meetings with Grant Directors
  •  Develop, maintain, and evaluate grants budgets to ensure equitable distribution of funds that supports district initiatives

Grants Goal: 
Work closely with the BISD Departments and campuses to ensure the appropriate, effective, and efficient use of categorical funds from grants. Manage/assist campuses and departments in using of funds for high quality, research-based materials and activities; effectively implemented tutorial programs for each awarded grant.


Diana Barron,Grants Coordinator , JJ De Leon Director of Support Programs
Address | 1900 E. Price Road, #210A,  Brownsville, Texas 78521 
Phone | (956) 548-8227 |