Fine Arts


“The arts are an essential element of education, just like reading, writing, and arithmetic…music, dance, painting, and theater are all keys that unlock profound human understanding and accomplishment.”

~William Bennett, Former US Secretary of Education



The Department of Fine Arts will create and maintain an environment that ensures that all fine arts students will preserve the rich heritage of artistic practice through intellectual studies, performances, and exhibits in the areas of instrumental music, choral music, visual arts, theatre arts, and dance. We ensure that every member of this fine arts community will reach a high level of excellence as determined by state and national standards. We commit to a comprehensive system of support that offers the necessary skills, simulates thinking, and enables students to thrive in a changing world.


Michael Garcia, Director of Fine Arts 
Address | 708 Palm Boulevard, Brownsville, Texas 78520
Phone | (956) 982-3730 ; Fax | (956) 714-6132