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 Afterschool Centers on Education

Texas ACE (Afterschool Centers on Education) provides no-cost activities before and after school and during summer for K–12 students in Title I schools. The program is federally funded through 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) and administered on the state level by TEA. 

What is Texas ACE?

The Texas ACE program is an initiative to provide additional learning opportunities to Texas students. It is primarily focused on serving students from low-income families who may face educational challenges or lack academic resources outside of regular school hours. The program strives to create safe and enriching environments for students during after-school hours to enhance their academic performance, engagement, and overall well-being. The 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) grant provides federal funding.

Participating schools and community-based organizations collaborate to offer a range of activities and services that complement the regular school day. These activities typically include academic support, homework assistance, tutoring, mentoring, and enrichment programs such as arts, sports, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), and cultural activities. The program takes a holistic approach to education, addressing students' academic needs and social, emotional, and physical development. The ACE program strives to improve student's educational outcomes, reduce achievement gaps, and promote their overall success by providing a nurturing and supportive environment.

Overall, the Texas ACE program extends learning opportunities beyond regular school hours and ensures students can access resources and support to enhance their educational experiences and contribute to their long-term success.


Administration & Support Staff
Luis Troncoso 
Project Director
21st CCLC/Texas AC
Beatriz Alvarez
Family Engagement Specialist
21st CCLC/Texas AC
Laura Perez - Secretary
21st CCLC/Texas AC
Tanya Perez - Clerk
21st CCLC/Texas AC
ACE Site Coordinators
Vanessa Herrera                     
Ortiz Elementary
(956) 698-2955

Ana Fox-Gonzalez
Burns Elementary
(956) 698-3119

Daniel Sanchez
Russell Elementary
(956) 698-2265

Rebecca Saldierna
Castañeda Elementary
(956) 698-1048

Benito Saenz Jr.
Martin Elementary
(956) 698-3151

ACE Site Coordinators

Alondra Cantu
Peña Elementary
(956) 547-7120

Michelle Garza
Perez Elementary
(956) 698-0755

Sandra Gonzalez Tienda
Del Castillo Elementary
(956) 698-1238

Viviana Zayas
Cromack Elementary
(956) 698-1538

Rocio Gutiérrez
Paredes Elementary
(956) 698-1940