2023 Reporting Resources


In October 2022, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) published a Reporting Timeline for Spring 2023 STAAR to provide additional information of when STAAR results will be available this year.   

Raw scores will be available on May 22 for STAAR end-of-course (EOC) assessments and STAAR grades 3—8 assessments. Scale scores and performance level information will be available on May 31 for STAAR EOC assessments and on August 11 for STAAR grades 3–8 assessments.  

To support local educational agencies (LEAs) in making decisions regarding accelerated instruction and graduation before performance levels are available, TEA published Early Results Guidance Tables, which indicate whether the total raw score earned is likely passing, likely not passing, or in the zone of uncertainty for each test. Until the standard-setting process and all quality control processes are completed, performance levels cannot be finalized. Once results with performance levels are available, use of the early results guidance tables will no longer be needed, and LEAs should use the performance level information to inform decision-making for each student.