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Allowable Accommodations for STAAR ALTERNATE 2

For STAAR Alternate 2, TEA defines accommodations as changes to materials or procedures that enable students with disabilities to participate meaningfully in learning and testing. It is critical that students with disabilities are provided access to the assessment through careful use of accommodations wherever appropriate. The accommodations must

■ maintain the integrity of the assessment,

■ avoid leading to or providing the student a direct answer,

■ be used routinely in instruction,

■ reflect the student’s learning styles, and

■ allow a student to respond using a mode that is appropriate for the student.

Accommodations may be used only if they meet the criteria above and are listed in the student’s IEP. The chart below shows allowable accommodations for STAAR Alternate 2 along with additional guidelines on how some should be applied.


During a STAAR Alternate 2 test administration, a student may respond using the appropriate mode of communication at the time of testing. Student responses may be verbal, physical, or visual. The critical issue is not how the student responds but that the student clearly communicates the preferred answer choice to the test administrator. The table below shows examples of verbal, physical, and visual responses.