Adaptive Aquatics

​"The Brownsville Independent School District Margaret M. Clark Aquatic Center shall provide aquatic programs that will enrich the lives of the students, faculty, staff, parents and community member."

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Adaptive Aquatics 

Adaptive Aquatics
​Fundamentals of Swimming Program
 2023 - 2024

The Margaret M. Clark Aquatic Center is proud to have serviced the
following students during the 2022 - 2023 school year:
2nd Grade Students: 2,487
Lifeskill & Structure for Life (SFL) Students: 406
Total Students: 2,893

Adapted Aquatics
Fundamentals of Swimming


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Program description: The Brownsville Independent School District provides water safety and swimming instruction for Elementary, Middle, and High School “Lifeskills/S.F.L” students.
 The Brownsville Independent School District’s American Red Cross aquatic program is called “Adapted Aquatics Fundamentals of Swimming Program” and is used as the core for the instructional curriculum.  Both the Texas Essential Knowledge Skills and Special Education IEPPlus Gross Motor Skills are aligned with this program for quality instruction.
            The purpose of the “Adapted Aquatics Fundamentals of Swimming Program” is to orient students to the aquatic environment and to create a sound foundation for learning swimming and safety skills. 
The safety lessons teach children about safe behavior in and around the water.  Examples of lessons include: understand basic water safety rules, know the fundamentals of using a life jacket, know how to handle a cramp, know how to get help, perform reaching assists with or without equipment, enter/exit water independently, submerge face for three seconds , blow bubbles, bouncing, walk while maintaining balance, supported floats, and alternating arm and leg action.
            Administrators, teachers, and parents play an important role in the aquatic experience.  Everyone’s combined effort leads to student success.  The following guidelines will assist students as they participate in this wonderful learning opportunity.
Children may earn American Red Cross completion cards if they complete the following requirements:
           1.  Participate in the water during all  scheduled lessons.
            2.  Successfully complete all lesson activities.
            3.  Those with five or more absences will still learn many skills, but will not earn an American Red Cross certificate.
            All lessons will be under the direction of Margaret M. Clark Aquatic Center staff members .  All personnel are certified by the American Red Cross have a vast array of aquatic experience in water safety courses and Lifeguard Training. We are dedicated to providing BISD students with the best in lessons, care, and supervision.
            Thank you parents, administrators, and teachers for your efforts on behalf of the BISD students! 
     For questions or additional information contact: The Margaret M. Clark Aquatic Center: (956)698-1306.