For WebMasters:

Topic opportunities:

Check website for missing information then get together with Mr. Davis and his team about organization, layout, flow, navigation, graphics, standard colors, templates, Flash, etc. and finally with Mr. Puente’s approval.

Need pictures? Get together with Nikki and her team to schedule a specific picture for your web pages.


Mr. little Davis's Team:

  • little (A.) Davis, CEO and template maker
    • Edward Yao and team, Main Webmaster, Organization and Java Scripting research
      • Eric H. and team, Webmaster
      • Marcky R. and team, Webmaster
      • Luis D. and team, Webmaste
  • Jonah and team, Photoshop/Graphic Design
  • Dylan M. and team, Research and Development

  • Nikki Turnbough and team, Photography and Design

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