Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

Conference / Planning:
8:30-9:15 AM
Mr. Puente's
media robotics Augmented pc
Web  tech apps
Word cloud - web design Introduction:
The advent of the internet has taken society by storm.  Everyone has been affected from young to the elderly, education to industry, including all parts of the world regardless of how remote the setting may be. One of its components stands out clearly above others is the World Wide Web as a means of sharing information. Trends have come and go, but the web is still strong and growing by the minute. One can find a myriad of interests and functions for the web,from e-commerce to the mundane. Information found on the web has to be perceived cautiously since just about everyone can publish their own web pages on any particular domain. Web design and information technology is an ever-growing branch of the internet that deserves to be studied and regarded as an the immense tool that it actually is.


Overview: This module is a primer in Web Design. During these six weeks, students are instructed on web design applications on a PC platform. The various software programs and digital applications students are exposed to include SharePoint Designer, Adobe Creative Suite 6, HTML, and Google Apps. Students also learn to design and publish original websites for personal use and for businesses. Students leave the course with a strong foundation in web design which enables them to independently create websites. Such a foundation enhances their prospects for pursuing higher education in graphic design and web design and for becoming professionals in the field.

Student Objectives:
Examine the word wide web and its role in today's society
- Identify components in web design
- Identify types of web pages
- Demonstrate knowledge of graphic design
- Demonstrate knowledge of web design
- Learn difference between web-safe colors
- Examine different types of graphics and logos
- Learn about various types of web design software packages
- Learn about  and create sitemaps, headers, banners, links, tables
- Evaluate the process of creating web pages
- Compare and contrast web browsers and mobile devices
- Identify issues with copyright laws and myths
- Demonstrate knowledge of wireframes
- Write a story board , then create and edit an auto-bio website
- Write a story board , then create and edit a content(science, math or social studies)-related topic website
- Write a story board , then create and business-related website
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