Sample Week 1

Conference / Planning:
8:30-9:15 AM
Mr. Puente's
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Week 1
1. Gather into groups
2. Assign Roles and Responsibilities
3. Discuss Expectations
4. Create Presentations with Vocabulary terms, definitions (in English and Spanish) with Media (graphics, animation, video) for each term.
5. RATIONALE: Answer the Basic Inquiry Components (Cite Sources):

What is module about?

How does module work?

Who uses module?

What types of careers are available in this module?

How much do these careers pay?

Where can we find jobs in module?

What role does module play in Society?

How can I make a difference in the world using the skills that I will learn in this module?


Vocabulary: (Presentations due)
Create a presentation using Prezi, Emaze
  1. PRODUCER: A producer brings all the elements of production together and is responsible for enlisting talent (e.g. actors and artists), experts (e.g. educational advisers), and support (e.g. programmers) and putting them to work so that a final product can be realized.
  2. ADVISOR: An advisor brings specific knowledge to the project that you might not have. For example, if you're making a show/game about healthy eating, you could consider working with a nutritionist.
  3. PROJECT MANAGER: A project manager is responsible for scheduling and creating and tracking the project budget. And, they develop timelines, so that things happen in the right order (you can't record character voices until you've written a script) and so that the project moves forward according to schedule.
  4. DEVELOPER/PROGRAMMER: A developer/programmer creates code for the show/game using a variety of tools and languages. They are responsible for making sure the game works.
  5. DESIGNER: A designer can take on a lot of different roles — storyboarding, illustrating backgrounds and characters, designing buttons and other graphics in the show/game, etc.
  6. ANIMATOR: An animator is responsible for bringing the characters in a show/game to life. They usually need to be skilled in animation programs.
  7. TALENT: This usually refers to voice actors. It's the person who speaks the scripted lines needed in a show/game to introduce it, give feedback to players/audience, etc.
  8. many more

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Week 2 Notes presentations Due
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