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Technology Team Presentations Challenge Presentation Instructions

Grading Rubric

When will I present? Who do I present with? Click here...

Team Presentation Challenge

-Gather into groups of 3-6 for one team presentation

-Create a team presentation about one of the chapters from the topics provided.

-Presentations (Using Emaze, Prezi, MS Powerpoint, etc.) must include:

  • Title Slide with authors names and period

  • Chapter outline (what students will learn)

  • All definitions with graphics, translated (when available)...

  • All notes with graphics, translated when possible...

  • All questions and answers from chapter assessment (Pearson Online) using Quizlet.com or SurveyMonkey.com

  • All reading material from workbook in your own words online

  • Create a script (who will say what and when) for your presentation

  • Gather media (materials like animations, video, etc. that can help you illustrate your topic)

  • Present to class

  • Be creative

-graphic breakdown

-Presentation should have:

  • transitions

  • effects

  • animations

  • graphics, clipart, pictures, etc.

  • sounds, video, etc.

  • themes

  • word Art

  • Media.....as many functions as you may showcase your abilities.

-Presentation rewards:
  • Presentation will published on our school website
  • Automatic 100 on Chapter:
    • Vocabulary
    • Notes
    • Tutorials
    • Assessment (Quizzes, tests)
    • Workbook questions
  • 50 EXTRA points applied towards Six Weeks Exam grade.
- Questions & Answers (Q&A):
  • May I get information from Pearsonsuccessnet.com (online workbook)?
    • Sure, you may supplement the paperback workbook by using your online account.
  • May I get more information from other websites or sources rather than pearson or the workbook?
    • Sure, you may supplement the paperback workbook by using any other source either online, written, videos, etc. as long as it's pertinent, appropriate and educational.
  • May I get pictures, video, etc. from any sources?
    • You may as long as your material and sources are appropriate and educational.
  • May I do the Workbook chapter presentation in other media (video, podcasts, interactive software, etc) rather than power point presentation?
    • Of course you may...I fully understand that everyone learns in different ways, and you may use any media to show that you mastered the curriculum.


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