Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

Conference / Planning:
8:30-9:15 AM
Mr. Puente's
media web robotics pc
Augmented  tech apps
dig_media Introduction:
Human beings have always thought about their future and the repercussions of technological advances that it brings. Some of the ideas that old "futurists" used to consider science fiction have since become part of our day-to-day world.  One of the latest advents in technology is Augmented Reality, along with Artificial Intelligence. Augmented Reality is essentially taking a view of the real world, and overlaying computer-generated data on top of it.  We can find examples of Augmented reality in movies for years and were costly and time consuming to produce. However, now we can produce Augmented reality applications in seconds and on a regular PC. We can now find applications in retail, education, medicine and other fields that help humanity in its never-ending quest for knowledge. To create augmented reality 3D projects that seem to leap off the anchors from different viewing angles is an amazing accomplishment in itself. To create such projects, students have to push their boundaries of creativity and skills. These skills can be learned by anybody, allowing students to feel successful. 
Overview: This module is a primer in Augmented Reality. During these six weeks, students learn to create their own augmented reality pieces to aid themselves and other students. Using free apps that are readily available for most smart phones, students learn to create augmented reality pieces that suit their needs. These pieces can be used to help others who are struggling in class or to create a more interactive learning environment in their classroom or life in general. Augmented reality adds another dimension to learning that is both easy to make and fun for all to use. Such a foundation will enhance their prospects for pursuing higher education in media technology.
Student Objectives:
Examine Augmented Reality and its role in today's society
- Identify components required to create Augmented Reality applications.
- Identify types of Augmented Reality applications and examples in society.
- Demonstrate knowledge of storyboarding and Augmented Reality applications.
- Demonstrate knowledge of software used to create Augmented Reality applications.
- Learn difference between Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence
- Examine different types of Augmented Reality applications.
- Learn about various types of Augmented Reality application in industry and education fields.
- Learn about  and record Augmented Reality applications using markers.
- Evaluate the process of how to create digital print
- Compare and contrast between Augmented Reality applications and software packages.
- Identify issues with Augmented Reality applications and myths
- Write a story board , then create and edit an auto-bio Augmented Reality application.
- Write a story board , then create and edit a digital print for children's book/story.
- Write a story board , then create and edit special topic from Science, Math or Social studies via Digital print
- Explore Artificial intelligence technology
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