Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

Conference / Planning:
8:30-9:15 AM
Mr. Puente's
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media  tech apps
dig_media Introduction:
Whether you listen to a radio broadcast, witness a live performance or view a movie, commercial, or a TV program, you can be sure that it has been through multiple facets of media broadcasting and multimedia processes. Making ideas flow smoothly together takes coordinating the audio, video footage and multimedia effects and then effectively marrying and editing those shots to create a production, is an amazing accomplishment. These skills can be learned by anybody, allowing students to feel successful. 
During these six weeks, students learn many facets of audio, video and media broadcasting. Students explore the working of audio mixers, speakers, cameras, teleprompter, the editing process and software that is needed to create a production from conception to canning it. They setup tripods and cameras, connect teleprompter, and audio equipment, organize ideas, write scripts, outline storyboards, shoot video from multiple angles,  and edit their video productions. Students also study the effect of media in their own lives and use this information to produce multiple project-based learning video projects.
Student Objectives:
Examine electronic mass communication and its role in today's society
- Identify components in audio, video, and film productions
- Identify types of audio, video, and film productions
- Demonstrate knowledge of storyboarding and effective script writing
- Demonstrate knowledge of audio equipment
- Learn difference between analog and digital editing
- Examine different types of video productions
- Learn about various types of announcements
- Learn about  and record basic shot framing
- Evaluate the process of how-to; algorithm
- Compare and contrast media formats
- Identify issues with copyright and myths
- Demonstrate knowledge of teleprompter
- Write a story board , then videotape and edit an auto-bio production
- Write a story board , then videotape and edit a music video
- Write a story board , then videotape and edit school announcements
- Write a story board , then videotape and edit a student council meeting
- Write a story board , then videotape and edit Career info board
- Write a story board , then videotape and edit slating project
- Write a story board , then videotape and edit special topic from Science, Math or Social studies
- Explore communication technology
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