Palm Grove Elementary
7942 Southmost Road  Brownsville, Texas 78521
Phone: (956) 982-3850  Fax: (956) 986-5070

              Upcoming Events:
                                     College Awareness Week
Monday Sept. 15th- "Our Future's so Bright, we've got to wear          shades"  (Wear sunglasses as a reminder of setting goals.)

Tuesday Sept. 16th- "Voice your eagerness to attend college"
 (Students, ask your parents why college is important.)

Wed. Sept. 17th- "Hats off to College"  (Wear a funny hat, college hat, visor, etc.)

Thursday Sept. 18th- Let's talk about the importance of higher education.  (Wear your favorite university shirt in support of higher education.)

Friday Sept. 19th- "Run toward your goal"  (Wear running shoes to discuss your future career choices.)

Campus Announcements:

School Uniforms for sale.  See Mrs. Emma Benavidez for more information.
    Monday-      Yellow Shirt
    Tuesday-     Navy Blue
    Wed.-          White
    Thursday-    Navy Blue
    Friday-         Spirit Shirt

Please help us meet our attendance goals.  Come to school every day!!!! 

Palm Grove is a Bully Free Zone

2012-2013 Texas Academic Performance Reports

Mission Statement
At Palm Grove Elementary every teacher truly believes that “All Children Can Learn”. Through an environment rich in curriculum, technology, and learning activities students are motivated to set their goals early in life and become productive members of our society.

Vision Statement Palm Grove Elementary will produce well-educated students who can pursue higher education opportunities and who will become responsible citizens in a changing global society by utilizing all resources to give equitable opportunities to all students.