Presentations & Documents
    District Compass Odyssey Training Presentation 
    -How to Assign Work to Students
    -Student / Teacher Login Form
    -Teacher Quick Guide
    -Student / Parent Quick Guide
    -Icon Keys

eSchool Gradebook NEW
    - eSchool TAC Quick Guide 
    - New TAC Highlights 
    - How to enter IPR (Interim Progress Report) - 3rd week 
    - How to enter RC (Report Card) - 6th week 
    - How to input Final Grades (Semester Grade)

MOBI View Presentation
MOBI View Quick Start
    - Workspace User Guide

James Pace Campus Weebly Training 
Weebly Login

James Pace Campus Weebly Training 
Uploading Lesson Plans in Office 365





















Technology Team:
Adam Shoupe - Campus TST - Phone: 698-0146
Blanca E. Peña - Edgenuity  -  Phone: 698-1036
Jose Cavazos - Comp. Maintenance - Phone 698-2416

Work Order System

Steps to submit a work order:
1. Click on the Picture and you will be redirected to the work order system
2. Enter your COMPUTER LOGIN USERNAME into the User Name field
3. Enter your COMPUTER LOGIN PASSWORD into the Password field
4. Click the Log In button or ENTER key

Remember to OMIT the from your login name.
The system will automatically pull your username and password from BISD servers to make sure it is up to date should you change your password.

If you have any other questions regarding the work order system. Please email 
Adam Shoupe: 
Jose Cavazos: