Data Sources Reviewed:

·       PBMAS NCLB Report  for 2014-2015

·       Campus PFS Monthly Monitoring Tools

·       Parental Advisory Committee Meeting Evaluations

·       LNA

·       Student, Teacher, & Parents Survey Results

·       Retention Lists

·       3rd -12th STAAR Assessment Results

Area Reviewed

Summary of Strengths

What were the identified strengths?

Summary of Needs

What were the identified needs?


What are the priorities for the District, including how federal and state program funds will be used?






Student Achievement


* STAARs EOC Passing Rate was above

    State Average on 2014 PBMAS

* Increased monitoring of migrant

   students to ensure grade promotion

   and on-time graduation

* Recognized for Highest Student

   Completion Rate on Credit by Exams

* Improve on STAAR 3rd -8th Passing Rate

* Continue to increase Graduation Rate

* Increase Extended day opportunities

   for elementary students in grades K-2.

* Increased academic support for middle

   school students

* Increased support for P3-P5 students

*New computers for migant labs and laptops for teachers

* Improve assessment scores for Grades 3-12,

    especially for PFS students

* Improve Graduation Rates

* Improve academic support and extended-day

    opportunities for students in Grades 3-8

* Increase educational support for P3-P5 students

   that are at home

* Provide new computers for migrant labs

*Provide new laptops for MS and Elem. Teachers

Family and Community Involvement

* Increased parental involvement

   through varied opportunities at

   meetings and other events

* Increase parental participation at PAC


* Increase participation in PAC and Middle

    School Cohort Meetings