Medical Leave Forms
Family Medical Leave Act
Frequently Asked Questions
Employee Rights and Responsibilities
Family and Medical Leave Forms
Sick Leave Bank
(Informational Flyer)  
Voluntary Guidelines  
Withdrawal Application Exhibit A  
Contribution Application Exhibit B  
Discontinuation of Contribution Form Exhibit C  
Licensed Practitioner Statement  
Voluntary Transfer of Local Days
Withdrawal Application
Contribution Application
License Practitioner Statement
For more Information on Medical Leave, please contact Monica De La Garza at 956 698-1244 or email at
504-ADA Compliance
504-Employee Referral Guide (Includes all the forms needed to apply for Section 504/ADA)
504 Medical Request  
For more information on 504 Medical Compliance, please contact Pilar Anzaldua at 956 698-1421 or email at