Medical Leave Forms
Family Medical Leave Act
Frequently Asked Questions
Employee Rights and Responsibilities
Family and Medical Leave Forms (complete packet)
Family Medical Leave Act - Medical Certification of Health Provider
Family Medical Leave Act Request
Sick Leave Bank
2018-2019 Sick Leave Bank Open Enrollment Flyer  
Sick Leave Bank Voluntary Guidelines  
Sick Leave Bank Withdrawal Application Exhibit A  
Sick Leave Bank Contribution Application Exhibit B  
Sick Leave Bank Discontinuation of Contribution Form Exhibit C  
Sick Leave Bank Licensed Practitioner Statement  
Voluntary Transfer of Local Days
Withdrawal Application
Contribution Application
License Practitioner Statement
For more Information on Medical Leave, please contact Monica De La Garza at 956 698-1244 or email at
504-ADA Compliance
504-Employee Referral Guide (Includes all the forms needed to apply for Section 504/ADA)
504 Medical Request  
For more information on 504 Medical Compliance, please contact
 Brenda Campos at 956 698-1421 or email at