Gonzalez Elementary
4350 Jaime Zapata Avenue Brownsville, Texas 78521
Phone: (956) 831-6030 Fax: (956) 831-6040
Gonzalez Elementary School is ready to begin the 2016-2017 school year with a “FITNESS” theme. The Gonzalez employees will: Fabulously Inspire Together Nurturing Each Stakeholder’s Success.
Mission Statement
The mission of Gonzalez Elementary is to assist and guide all of its students in their efforts to develop essential academic skills to strengthen their learning and coping skills for a successful future, so that they may have the ability to think independently and communicate effectively. Our school will provide instruction at its highest level of quality and must have equity in the educational opportunities and resources for all its students.

Upcoming Events/Highlights

January 5- Classes will resume

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