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Texas Literacy Initiative Grant Goals
1. Increase the oral language and preliteracy skills of participating preschool children.

2. Improve the performance of participating K-2 students on early reading assessments.

3. Increase the percentage of participating students who meet or exceed proficiency on the state English language arts assessments in grades 3 through 12.

4.  Increase the use of data and data analysis to inform all decision making in participating districts, campuses, classrooms, and early learning settings.

5.  Increase the implementation of effective literacy instruction through Literacy Lines.

The purpose of the Texas Literacy Initiative (TLI) grant is to improve school readiness and success in the areas of language and literacy for disadvantaged students in targeted school districts, including their associated Early Childhood Education ECE providers, who will use the model of Literacy Lines to implement the Texas State Literacy Plan (TSLP).
Texas State Literacy Plan Creating College and Career Ready Texans Age 0 to 12
Texas State Literacy Plan Creating College and Career Ready Texans Age 0 to 12 Leadership teams from each campus will participate in the Texas State Literacy Plan (TSLP) online course, whose purpose is to provide support to campuses as they move toward full implementation of a comprehensive literacy plan. The course will be co-facilitated by a Literacy Line district Project Director and a state-level liaison.
Literacy Line
“A Literacy Line is a vertical collaborative among feeder-pattern campuses within a BISD including prekindergarten, elementary, middle, and high schools) and their associated Early Childhood Education providers, which may include, among others, Early Head Start, Head Start, public or private or nonprofit licensed child care providers, and public prekindergarten programs.”
LASERS on Literacy
Course content is organized around the implementation of Action Steps within six modules: Leadership, Assessment, Standards-based Instruction, Effective Instructional Framework, Reporting and Accountability, and Sustainability and includes access to appropriate state resources.
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