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Welcome Back Besteiro Wildcats!



  • "SpaceX Program is coming to Brownsville!
    Click Here to visit their website!

  • Computer Labs Available for Homework
    Computer Lab Here at Besteiro Middle School, we pride ourselves on going digital and preparing our students for success in college and career. An important part of that preparation includes allowing students to have regular access to computers and digital assignments.

    Students who have been assigned digital classwork have the opportunity to work on their assignments in campus labs. Students have access to computers and assistance from technology specialists. So come on over and let's get working!
    School Uniform Requirements
    School Uniform Besteiro Middle School has a strict dress code. Each student is required to comply with the dress code. Khaki pants or blue jeans (skin should not be visible through tears or fabric).
    • 6th Graders - "Yellow" shirts
    • 7th Graders - "Gray" shirts
    • 8th Graders - "Navy Blue" shirts
    • No hats
    • Earrings are acceptable for girls; no earrings for boys.
    • Backpacks must be see-through
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    Parents, please remember to sign up for Home Access Center
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