BISD Wellness Fitness Center RULES

1. You must fill out a Registration and Liability Form to participate in any Wellness Program or Fitness area. After you fill out the forms you are required to sign in everyday that you use the Wellness Fitness Center.

2. Proper workout attire must be worn at all times: white undershirts, belts, jeans, baggy pants, clothing with rivets, wallets with chains, sandals, open toed shoes, dance shoes, slippers and boots are prohibited. T-shirt, shorts or warm-ups and tennis shoes are required at all times.

3. ONLY High School students with School ID, Parents and employees are permitted in the weight room or cardio room.

4. Treadmill speed for High School students is 7.0 only. High School students cannot go over 7.0 on the treadmill.

5. Use equipment according to instructions. If you don’t know how to use equipment please ask for assistance from the Wellness Coordinator.

6. Safe and proper use of Cardio and Weight equipment is required at all times.

7. Equipment may NOT be rearranged or removed.

8. Do not drop weights or bang them together.

9. Please report equipment irregularities or malfunctions to the Wellness Coordinator.

10. Re-rack your own weights and return all other equipment and accessories to their proper location.

11. Wipe down equipment after each use.

12. Do not sit on machines between sets. Machines need to be used by everyone as much as possible.

13. Weight belts can be checked out and returned to the Wellness Coordinator.

14. Food, candy, sodas, cups or glass containers are NOT allowed. Only spill proof containers can be used for water.

15. Cell phones and cameras are not allowed while you are using equipment. If you need to answer a phone call please go outside the gym. The wellness fitness is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

16. Any students under the age of 14 MUST be supervised at all times by an adult. Reminder they are not allowed in the Cardio or Weight Room. They cannot be running around the gym.

17. Apply common gym courtesy to fellow staff. This is your gym, take care of it.

18. The Wellness Coordinator reserves the right to enforce other rules as necessary to ensure the safety of all personnel.

19. Radios cannot be touched and/or changed. They must stay on the station designated by the Wellness Coordinator.

20. Personal items such as gym bags, backpacks, books, etc are not allowed in the gym, cardio or weight room floor. Please do not leave these items unattended. Items left behind will be placed in a lost and found bin for one week then disposed.

21. Stick to posted time limits on all cardio machines.

22. Making loud sounds, yelling or using profanity is NOT allowed.

23. Do not disturb others. Focus on your own workout and allow others to do the same.

24. Failure to comply with the rules will result in loss of privileges from the Wellness Center.

25. No Pets or Skateboards allowed.

26. Headphones must be worn if using an IPOD or electronic devices for music.

27. Obscene tattoos must be covered.