Warehouse/Textbooks/Fixed Assets
4330 E. Morrison Road, Brownsville, Texas 78521
Office (956) 548-8375  Fax (956) 548-8680
Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Receiving Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 am - 3:30 p.m.
Textbook Audits
TAC 66.107 Local Accountability states that each school district shall conduct an annual physical inventory of all currently adopted instructional materials that have been requisitioned by and delivered to, this district.

The Board policy states that the District shall conduct an annual physical inventory of all adoption textbooks and learning systems that have been requisitioned and delivered to the District. The results of the inventory shall be recorded in the District's files and be available for review by TEA monitoring staff. The District shall reimburse TEA for all textbooks and learning systems determined to be lost.

Campus Procedures
The Warehouse/Textbooks/Fixed Assets Department will conduct an annual physical inventory of all textbooks, learning systems, and teacher editions. This inventory will be coordinated with campus personnel to be completed during the month of June.

* Audit teams will conduct unannounced audits
* All books should be at ONE location
* A uniform method of stacking books should be followed: textbooks should be stacked by title and grade level when possible, in groups of 25 with 5 textbooks being turned in different directions (5 spines in, 5 out, etc.).
* The Campus Textbooks Custodian should conduct the physical inventory count documenting the counts on the inventory list.
* The audit team will arrive and conduct a separate count following the same process.
* The counts conducted by campus personnel and audit teams will be reconciled and verified by both the campus textbook custodian and audit team.
* Campus administration and audit teams will verify and agree to counts with each signing the inventory form.
* Should a balance be due, an invoice will be presented during the close out process at the Textbook Warehouse.
* A deadline for submittal of payment for lost, misplaced, or damaged textbooks will be announced.
* Please note that highlighted textbooks must be included in your inventory. After the audit, highlighted textbooks must be returned to the Content Mastery classroom.