Police/Security Services
2477 E. Price Road, Brownsville, Texas 78521
Office (956) 698-2085  Fax (956) 548-8427
Email: Police@bisd.us
Mission Statement
The Brownsville ISD Police & Security Department is dedicated to promoting safety, health, education, cultural awareness, good character, and leadership skills. It is our mission to help young people improve their lives by building self-esteem, and developing good values and skills during critical years of growth.

Goals & Objective's
Our Goal is to continue to provide a culture of safety, security, and emergency preparedness that must be integrated into the overall school culture in a balanced, rational, and comprehensive way that is non-alarmist, but proactive and progressive in nature.
A Message to Parents
We ask for your assistance. Please be vigilant about what your children bring to school on their person, in backpacks, or in vehicles. Please talk with them about what are acceptable items to bring to school. Items such as toy guns, toy knives, and lighters are prohibited and will be taken seriously. All incidents will be reported to the BISD Police & Security Services Department and appropriate disciplinary action will follow.

BISD campuses are places to learn and should be safe, secure and free of violence. Drugs, weapons, and disruptive behavior have no place in our schools and will not be tolerated. Any student who violates laws at school will not only be subject to disciplinary action as stated in BISD Board Policies, but may also be subject to arrest by the police and/or legal action may be taken. Additional information is provided in the Student Code of Conduct/Student-Parent Handbook.

The safety of our students and employees is top priority. Our district maintains a Campus Crime Stoppers Hotline, 408-0049, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the reporting of illegal or suspicious activity in and around our campuses and facilities. Thank you for your continued cooperation and support.

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Please be vigilant about what
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