The mission of the Brownsville Independent School District Purchasing Department is to provide efficient and timely procurement services, that maximize the District's resources and promotes its instruction and professional services programs and where all children come first.

Procurement Award Board Meetings have been scheduled to award bids on a quarterly basis. They are as follows: February (1st Quarter); May (2nd Quarter) ; August (3rd Quarter); November (4th Quarter).

Dear Vendor: I would like to welcome you to the Brownsville Independent School District Purchasing Department. Thank you for your desire to do business with BISD. BISD has a centralized purchasing operation, which requires the release of purchase orders prior to the delivery of supplies or services. BISD is not responsible for verbal orders placed by employees outside the Purchasing Department. Purchasing processes over 26,000 purchase orders in a year and 200 formal (advertised) competitive procurement offers in a year. These competitive procurement offers are normally advertised on Sundays in The Brownsville Herald. These competitive procurement offers are also posted on the website. Formal competitive procurement notices are faxed/mailed to vendors registered with BISD Purchasing to sell those particular services or goods. To obtain a vendor application form, you may download it from the tab [Vendors] listed above. Please complete the vendor application form submitting your organization's information or updating your organization's information. Please identify the commodities that your organization sells. Please send this information via fax at (956) 548-8367 or mail it to the address at the top of the page. In the future it is anticipated that BISD Purchasing will do electronic competitive procurement notifications through internet e-mail or phone, therefore please indicate your e-mail address on your vendor application form or follow us on twitter @BISDpurchasing.


Delia Rodriguez, CTSBO, CTPM
Interim Administrator

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