The Department of Advanced Academics hosted an AP Workshop for BISD high school AP and Pre-AP teachers on Saturday, October 15th at Rivera ECHS.  Attendees connected with other AP/Pre-AP teachers in the district, practiced instructional strategies essential to AP, and explored resources and technology to enhance instruction in the AP/Pre-AP classrooms.  The presenters/facilitators were Kim Kizer, Rivera ECHS; Nathan Calley and Malini Iyer, Pace ECHS; Rod Garcia, Elliott Quezada and Diana McCleary, Veterans Memorial ECHS; Kathleen Posio, Lopez ECHS; David Pina and Hector Zamarripa, Porter ECHS; Leticia Erisurriz, Pace ECHS; Irma Magallanes, Rivera ECHS; and Josefina Torres-Moreno, Oliveira MS.